The Spirit of the Entrepreneur…

When I think of a female entrepreneur, my immediate thoughts shift to my Grandmother.

Born in 1910, she was very much a driven women with ambitions to have something of her own.

Her character was of a domineering sort with head strong drive, much of a product of her environment.

In her early years as a teen she was already seasoned to be a leader. Being the eldest of 8, she was already bossing her younger siblings, giving them tasks and ordering them around.  So as to be the proprietor of a business she was a natural.

What makes an entrepreneur? What characteristics do they possess?

In these two articles I found some valuable insights to what is in the ‘make up’, of the entrepreneur.

As I read these two articles, I thought to myself, Grandmother had many of these traits. She was ambitious and driven, and always persistent. There was no question to who she was.  She knew what she wanted and did it. She was an authority in her own right.

Her first business was a beautician shop that branched out into restaurants.  How she made the jump from one business to the other I am not quite sure.  But as she explained, her children needed to eat.

Eventually her restaurants expanded out into renting homes.  And she was very savvy in keeping her houses occupied. Her advice was to always rent for less and keep the houses in good quality.  Grandmother is gone now, and she continues to prosper, her rentals still make money.

What she left was a legacy instilled in me. Something I wished I had treasured in my youth, and I most certainly do now. (Especially being a kid wanting to play outside and Grandmother putting me to work washing dishes in her restaurant.)

The person I am now and the desire to work at my business, is always influenced by my memories of my Grandmother, a true Spiritual Entrepreneur.

The spirit of the entrepreneur is alive and well in many of us.  It’s that part of us that is passionate about making a positive difference in other peoples lives and therefore our world.

So if you recognize the entrepreneur in you, try not to ignore it. You just may be that next successful business woman that can possibly make a difference in someone’s world and at the same time fulfill a dream of being a business owner.

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Margie is the personal editor to Chris Lang, he’s the author of “Google+Marketing: An Hour A Day” coming summer 2012 from Sybex… and also serves as the Corporate Secretary for Gadget MVP.

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Meet the Writer: Jane Friedman

Google+ has quickly become a networking Mecca for the literary-minded. Authors both published and aspiring are able to connect with others without regard to geography in an ever-growing web of creative inspiration and motivation.  As many of these talented writers are also active on their own blogs and websites, I hope to highlight one or two blogs each month so we all can benefit from their talent and ingenuity.

Jane FriedmanJane Friedman is a full time assistant professor of e-media at the University of Cincinatti, whose blog was recently named to the Top Ten Blogs for Writers in 2011-2012.  Well-established on many social media sites, her 140,000+ followers on Twitter are often mentioned as an example of how to effectively use social media.

Jane’s blog blends her own posts about writing with reviews, suggestions, guest posts and “how to” articles. One post I enjoyed, How Social Media can Change your Life, offers personal stories of engaging relationships to counter the claim that social media is only about blatant self-promotion. Another helpful post, The Big Mistake of Author Websites and Blogs, discusses the major mistake that authors sometimes make when using blogging platforms for author sites, then explaining exactly how to alter the site to make it user-friendly. Friedman’s talent extends beyond the content of her writing- her informative and instructive posts communicate new information without imparting any sense of condescension on the reader.

My favorite feature of her blog is the Free Advice for Writers which includes Jane’s blog posts and links to other articles and publications she recommends.  In exploring a variety of blogs and websites published by some of the delightful women active on Google+, I found Jane’s website a perfect blend of informative and engaging.

To learn more, circle Jane on Google+ and visit her website.

Becky Raymond is a nonprofit professional, avid knitter and novice gardener who enjoys writing, blogging and writing book reviews.  She lives in central Vermont and can be reached at or

Have you seen a writing blog or website that you think we should feature?  Comment below or send me an email and let me know!

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Women of Google+: A Good Idea

Being excited about my new Women of Google+ writing project, many ideas ran through my head. What would I write about? Too much to choose from.  So I said to myself, okay Margie, just go for a walk, relax, breath and it will come to you.

So as my opening post, why not write about Women of Google+ the idea and what this single idea has made possible?

On my first days of Google+,  I would race to my computer every morning, log in to Google+ and read just about every post. In those days there were only a few.  I didn’t know very many “plussers” yet.  Then the Women of Google+ post caught my eye.  I thought to myself, “I wish I had thought of that” and “what a wonderful idea.”  To offer support, encouragement, conversations and connect-ability for women, on a platform such as Google+.

Being on a social platform dominated by men, which is not a bad thing, many times it’s a very interesting and good thing. So as to not bash. It was more about relating to, and finding other ‘Spirited Brilliant Women’ to share thoughts, desires and passions.

As I clicked on the link referring me to the Women of Google+ blog,  I read the profiles of what these women are about. I started to feel a comradeship, if you will. Women from all over the globe, different cultures, mothers, wives, grandmothers and young women starting out their careers.

It was the information ‘mother lode’ of women in different aspects of their lives. With goals as well as challenges. With insights to discoveries. With emotional vulnerability as well as strength and perseverance, sharing their stories.

Women with dreams and goals…

As I was taking a break from writing my post, call it synchronicity.  Another fellow Women of Google+’s Christina Trapolino posted about her experience on Google+.

As I read her post, Christina Trapolino shared how Google + has given her a new career opportunity. The company she works for noticed her on this very platform.

She spoke of how she is an early adopter and just stepped into the unknown to explore Google+.  She shared how Google+ will put you on the same playing field as everyone else.  And that creating these online friendships stimulated a fantastic opportunity.  Her success story is as exciting as it is inspiring.

So from a good idea, a community of women has blossomed.  And as far as my own experience it has made my transition from other social platforms a little easier.

The community of Women on Google+ can be the beginning of creating new opportunities, it can be the go to place, for new friendships,  stimulating content, reservoir of education, an engaging conversation, or to just be.

Another good idea.

Two young men brainstormed and transformed the way we view search. Google. Connect-ability is gold.  Women of Google+ gold… or just call it one of those times someone had a brilliant idea.

Margie D. Casados
Personal editor to Chris Lang, he’s the author of “Google+Marketing: An Hour A Day”
Corporate Secretary for Gadget MVP
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Interview with Emlyn Chand

The dynamic nature of the Google+ platform has drawn together hundreds if not thousands of energetic and talented authors for networking and mutual promotion.  Amid this treasure trove of talent, the effervescent Emlyn Chand is not only self-publishing her first series, but also running a business providing comprehensive publicity services for authors.  I was lucky enough to chat with Emlyn about the release of her novel, her role as President of Novel Publicity and how she uses Google+ in her marketing strategy.  As a side note, if you are looking to interview someone and aren’t sure how to make it work via phone or in person, I recommend Google Chat as a good avenue to talk in a casual and comfortable way!

Emlyn ChandBecky Raymond: Thank you for talking with me tonight.  First, please tell me what you think of Google+ in general.

Emlyn Chand: I love G+.  I talk about it on the [Novel Publicity] blog all the time, but people always tell me G+ is useless.  It’s my favorite social media site and the most effective for selling books or getting reviewers.  I hope more people embrace it soon. People like to insult what they don’t understand, but Google+ is actually very intuitive and well designed if you take a moment to get to know it.

Becky: That’s definitely true. I first learned about Novel Publicity from your posts on Google+, then by participating in one of your whirlwind blog tours this fall.  Can you talk a little about Novel Publicity in general?

Emlyn: Novel Publicity is a social media book marketing company. We help authors learn to use the power of various social media outlets to spread the word about their books. We also do web design, editing, blog tours, and such, but we’re best known for the Free Advice blog. J  We try to be a one-stop shop for authors.

Becky: At a time when many authors are deciding among many publishing methods – traditional, indie, self-publishing or some combination – you decided to start your own company!  Why did you decide to take this route?

Emlyn:  Well, it kind of just happened. I started getting involved with social media in December 2010 after I was fed up with the querying process. I decided to make agents come to me; I was done chasing them. Believe it or not, that plan actually worked! An agent read my post comparing the agent search to a game of Mortal Kombat and approached me. He’s my agent today, and one condition of signing was that I be allowed to self-publish my current series, Farsighted. Getting into social media was like finding a new love. I didn’t think anything could compare to writing. I have two mistresses now.

Becky: Participating in a whirlwind blog tour myself, it is clear that you have a very comprehensive marketing strategy using social media for your clients.  What do you think are the keys to making it successful?

Emlyn:  Commitment, innovation and respect. It’s a lot of work and you have to teeter on the cutting edge of social media to make sure you’re offering something new. If you are depending on bloggers or Twitter followers or Facebook fans to help in a promotion, you must always show respect and gratitude

Becky:  I’m not going to lie – the prize incentives are also appealing!

Emlyn:  Oh yes, that’s why we do it!

Becky:  How would you describe your experience with the G+ platform as an avenue for networking with other authors?

Emlyn:  It’s an unexpected gem. I’ve been really surprised by how supportive circlees are as compared to friends on other social media outlets. For example, take the whirlwind tour. For each tour, we have a Twitter-sharing contest, a Facebook-sharing contest, and a Google+ sharing contest, all on different days. We get around 200 tweets, 100 Facebook shares, and about 50 Google+ shares – but without fail, the Google+ contest always generates the most sales!

Becky: How would you describe your interactions with your fans on G+ as compared to other social networks?

Emlyn: In general, I trust my circlees more. When I needed to choose between two alternate covers for Farsighted, I asked both on Facebook and G+. My Facebook friends were split down the middle, but the circlees gave me a very clear answer and helped me make that important decision. When I was recruiting reviewers for Farsighted before its release, tons of plussers stepped up and offered to review it. Even friends of friends! They were just amazingly supportive.
Farsighted (Farsighted, #1)

Becky:  Speaking of Farsighted, I know that you’re getting ready for your whirlwind tour next week.  When this settles down, what’s up next for you?

Emlyn:  Oh my goodness, this has just been the most frantic two months of my life! I’m working on Open Heart (book #2 in the Farsighted series) and look forward to treating it as my full time job during the month of January. When I’m back on the Novel Publicity horse, I plan to expand our blog tour offerings to hit more price points and come up with more innovations. I also have a new business, the ReaderShip, which I’d like to further develop

Becky:  Ooh!  Can you tell me a little more about that?

Emlyn:  Sure, it’s like Novel Publicity and will host services for authors, but it’s more about the readers. There will be lots of contests, free books using Smashwords coupon codes, scavenger hunts, and fun things like that. There will also be lots of chances for readers to win books and gift cards. Plus we are building a social network as a place for readers to interact and talk about books! and

Becky:  How might the social networking part compare to something like GoodReads?

Emlyn:  Well, obviously nothing can even come close to GoodReads, but we want to offer something to our fans – something extra.

Becky:  What advice would you give to aspiring authors who are looking to cultivate a larger following of readers (and ideally sales!) using social media?

Emlyn:  It takes a while to build-up a big enough fan base to impact sales. Be authentic and let it grow naturally. Don’t open a Twitter account and attack all your new followers with BUY MY BOOK spam. Be real, offer something different. Reciprocate. Listen to what your fans and friends say. Don’t be a narcissist.

Becky:  I think that’s really key advice – it’s a huge turn off when all someone does is tell you to buy their work, but if you’ve started cultivating a relationship, you’re more likely to WANT to buy it!

Emlyn:  Yes, and don’t expect all or even a particular fraction of your followers/friends to step up when you ask for sales or reviews. People are very generous but having set expectations is never good, never.

To contact Emlyn Chand or learn more about her book, Farsighted, visit her G+ page or her website.

Becky Raymond is a non-profit professional, avid knitter and novice gardener who loves to write, blog and write book reviews.  She lives in central Vermont and can be reached at or by visiting her website.  To circle Becky on G+ visit her page here

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Looking for writers & editors for Women of Google+

Woman TypingGuess what??!! +Women of Google+ is looking for editors / curators (must be active on Google+) to help write and find great woman-focused content. The topics we are looking to fill are fairly general right now:

  • food
  • lifestyle (fashion, home, travel, etc.)
  • small business
  • family & parenting
  • art & hobby
  • technology
  • women’s issues
  • writing / authoring

Editors would be responsible for curating content pertaining to their topic from within Google+ for inclusion on the website. Topic Editors are responsible for one blog post a week. Women of Google+ is looking to find, feature, and showcase content about women using the Google+ platform for our readers and community.

I’m still writing up info on the position, mostly because it’s an unpaid (for now) position with revenue sharing in a few months. Anyone interested? You can shoot us over an email at WomenOfGPlus (at)


  1. Ability to write, not as a journalist, but as a blogger & smart woman ;) As a blogger I would expect that you understand how to smartly use links in the article, find and insert rights-cleared pictures, and remain active with your community via comments.
  2. Reliable. I tried this a bit in the past early on and had quite a few people flake out on me. :(
  3. Has proficiency in the topic/genre they write for. For example, while I personally have views on politics, I would make a horrible editor/writer on the subject.
  4. Can handle idiots on the Internet. I’ve had my (un)fair share of them, and would expect that you might too as a writer/editor on the site.
  5. A passion for learning from this community & a strong desire to help make it better for everyone (very kumbaya I know, but it’s true)
  6. Possibly jump on a recorded hangout 2x a month (completely optional) for use as a video podcast and roundtable for our community.

If someone can’t commit to a regular publishing schedule, I will gladly take ‘guest posts’ whenever someone wants to submit. When I get editors for each topic, the editor will be responsible for handling that piece.

– Lynette, Women of Google+

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