Daria Musk – New Music Album on Google+

One of my long time passions has been music. When I started podcasting in 2004 I was exposed for the very first time to independent music and fell in love. Artists like Matthew Ebel, Lee Coulter, and Anji Bee helped not only shape the space but redefine what music meant to me. Later Matt and Anji would become ‘real’ friends of mine and I did even get to meet Lee once! Their music was unexpected, truthful and accessible. They created music from their soul and shared it with the rest of us for the love of it. They also recognized that the platform of ‘new media’ expanded their audience, their reach, and (hopefully) their income from their art. Nearly seven years later they are still some of my very favorite artists that I listen to daily.Daria Musk L+VE

Daria Musk makes me feel the way I did when I first discovered indie music. A pure voice, heartfelt lyrics, and beautiful arrangements filled with uncompromising emotion unsullied for ‘mass media’ use. I first found Daria on Google+ (of course) and she quickly became the darling of the music scene there – for very good reason.

I’m happy to let you know that she’s released her first Google+ Hangout album containing recordings from several live video chats she performed in to people across the planet. I’m humbled to admit that Daria had asked her fans on Google+ for suggestions for an album name and she took my suggestion of L+VE. It could stand for ‘love’ or ‘live’ – both of which represent her perfectly! Daria also wrote a song during a live Google+ Hangout called “+1 Me” that she’s put up for the video for if you are looking to check out what an amazing woman can create on the fly!

To purchase Daria’s albums visit Android Market, iTunes, listen to it streaming on Google Music, or visit her website, thanks.

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  1. Raheckler /

    I can’t agree more. Take an effortless voice that sings right to the listener, a sharp intelligence that can include quantum physics, astronomy and love in the same song, and a defined social and political intention to bring people together throughout the world, which she’s already doing many times over and you’ve got an emerging global artist of a very high caliber, with the talent that will translate into staying power for quite some time. In times like this, we need a voice like hers.


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