Google+ May Be a Threat for Facebook

…or maybe it won’t. The jury is still out on if Facebook will hemorrhage users to Google+ or if people will just frequent both social network platforms. An article published by International Business Times states that “13% of adult Internet users in the US have signed up for a Google+ account, while another 9% plans to join the network in the next 12 months.”

According to YouGov

  •  3 men for every 2 women (vs. 1 man for every 1.2 women on Facebook)
  •  43% of membership is 18-29 (vs. 31% for Facebook)
  •  59% has a college degree (vs. 37% for Facebook)
  •  48% are Single (vs. 33% of Facebook users)

This is amazing growth considering that Google+ is less than six weeks ‘old’ at this point and is still in limited access status (‘field trial’). Growing frustration with Facebook security settings and spammy gaming components have given unhappy users an alternative platform to connect with others.

Have you given up any other social network so you can participate in Google+ or are you learning to juggle them all?

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  1. Trying to juggle them all! Not very successfully mind you. I prefer G+ personally but I still think that the average Facebook user will not bother to move to Google plus when all their friends are on Facebook. I see Google + as a hangout mainly for the digerati and tech/business savvy people. Not your average Joe Smith. I guess this may change but I doubt it very much.

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