How-To : Hide your friend / follower count in Google+

Want to know how to hide your friend / follower count in Google+? I walk you through the process in this short screencast!


  1. +Lynette, can you give some reasons why I would want to hide my Google+ friend/follower count.

    • I’m sure each person’s reasons for wanting to hide their counts are different. If you take a look at, you will see that many of the top followed have zero ‘friends’. In their case this might be done to protect the identity of the people *they* follow (could very well be family, etc.)

  2. Anonymous /

    Aha, that might explain why, when I look in one view, it tells me that I’ve got 81 people in my circles & 73 have added me; but in another view, I’ve got 82 people in my circles & 90 have added me. I was putting it down to the beta-ness of G+, but maybe it’s actually related to people who’ve hidden their counts. Or something!

  3. Charmaine Jensen-Voisine /

    My husband just told me about your circle and I just now came upon this excellent video.
    Just learned something, thank you so much. Charmaine

  4. Trudy Connor WhatnotShops /

    wonderful information!

  5. Bella /

    Very useful information! Thanks :) I was was wondering how people had done this!

  6. Jjfialkow /

    I was not able to see this on my iPad

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