Meet the Writer: Jane Friedman

Google+ has quickly become a networking Mecca for the literary-minded. Authors both published and aspiring are able to connect with others without regard to geography in an ever-growing web of creative inspiration and motivation.  As many of these talented writers are also active on their own blogs and websites, I hope to highlight one or two blogs each month so we all can benefit from their talent and ingenuity.

Jane FriedmanJane Friedman is a full time assistant professor of e-media at the University of Cincinatti, whose blog was recently named to the Top Ten Blogs for Writers in 2011-2012.  Well-established on many social media sites, her 140,000+ followers on Twitter are often mentioned as an example of how to effectively use social media.

Jane’s blog blends her own posts about writing with reviews, suggestions, guest posts and “how to” articles. One post I enjoyed, How Social Media can Change your Life, offers personal stories of engaging relationships to counter the claim that social media is only about blatant self-promotion. Another helpful post, The Big Mistake of Author Websites and Blogs, discusses the major mistake that authors sometimes make when using blogging platforms for author sites, then explaining exactly how to alter the site to make it user-friendly. Friedman’s talent extends beyond the content of her writing- her informative and instructive posts communicate new information without imparting any sense of condescension on the reader.

My favorite feature of her blog is the Free Advice for Writers which includes Jane’s blog posts and links to other articles and publications she recommends.  In exploring a variety of blogs and websites published by some of the delightful women active on Google+, I found Jane’s website a perfect blend of informative and engaging.

To learn more, circle Jane on Google+ and visit her website.

Becky Raymond is a nonprofit professional, avid knitter and novice gardener who enjoys writing, blogging and writing book reviews.  She lives in central Vermont and can be reached at or

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  1. Appreciate you featuring me — thanks so much!

  2. Margie D Casados /

    Very inspiring, Thank you for sharing:)

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