Taking Back Our Communication Platforms

Women communicate differently than men, both online and offline. I have never accepted the fact that even though women are half the population on the planet, our online experiences are strongly shaped by something other than us.

Women are routinely the target of harassment and bullying online, sometimes because what they blog / communicate about are hot topics like politics or family issues, but that’s not always the case. As touched upon in this article, something as seemingly neutral as women blogging about knitting become the target of hate and harassment. Why?!

think know it is time we took back control of our own communication style and celebrate it instead of trying to conform and adapt our strengths to the masses. I am working on ways to work with women specifically to teach and empower those that need a nudge to be confident and assertive using online spaces (like Google+ – go figure) to more accurately represent how we as women want to use and be treated online.

Yes, the topic fires me up, but I want to concentrate on making positive changes and moving the needle forward. How about you?


The article that prompted the post

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