Women of Google+ : Akvile Harlow

As we come across amazing women in Google+, we wanted to highlight some of them and give you the opportunity to find out how fabulous they are for yourself.

Women of Google+ : Akvile HarlowFeatured G+’er : Akvile Harlow

How did you originally get invited to Google+?

I heard about Google circles a few months ago before I even heard word of Google+. I was interested in knowing how these circles would evolve, tried to find more information about them to no avail, and even helped support them in a debate posted in USA Today. Then all of a sudden, Google+ appeared, someone I didn’t even know sent me an invite (thank you!), and have been on it ever since! I’m excited to see what new features will develop over time!

What benefits are you seeing from being in Google+?

Thus far it has been extremely user friendly, it is free of ads (for now at least), and I like how simple it is to group friends, family, coworkers, and people with similar interests in circles. Social media is very much about sharing, and with G+, the ease of sharing with people in different circles seems easier than ever because of how relevant it can be.

How does Google+ fit into your life or career?

Google+ fits in perfectly to both my career and personal life. I’m enthusiastic about all things web related in general and it’s also interesting to see how the web and social media channels continuously evolve to improve the way we get our news, learn, and share with one another. Whether you use social media for work, fun, or both, it’s always interesting to see how it can impact your personal life and business strategies in new ways.

A particularly interesting story or thoughts you may want to add regarding Google+

I look forward to seeing how Google+ will allow companies and brands to create a presence since they currently are not allowing them to do so. Some companies such as Mashable, Ford, Sesame Street, and even the one I work for have unfortunately been removed from G+. It will be interesting to see if they create a whole different layout for business specific pages.

Where can I find more information about this fabulous woman?

I work for Search Marketing Expo / Third Door Media as their search engine and social media manager. If you’re interested in all things search engine marketing, such as SEO, PPC, or Social Media, check out our SMX conferences! If you have any questions about the expo or just want to get in touch, follow me on Twitter .


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