Women of Google+ : Christina Trapolino

As we come across amazing women in Google+, we wanted to highlight some of them and give you the opportunity to find out how fabulous they are for yourself.

Women of Google+ : Chrstina TrapolinoFeatured G+’er : Christina Trapolino

How did you originally get invited to Google+?

Some of my geekier friends were already in on one of the early wave of invitations, and they worked with me to figure out how to snag one for me — we used the post mention method (invite someone, then mention her directly in a post), which was featured by Lifehacker.

Of course, almost immediately after that, Google+ started opening up invitations. It still felt extra exciting to have used a work-around, though!

What benefits are you seeing from being in Google+?

The networking potential seems almost limitless. In less than a week, I’ve brushed electronic shoulders with the creator of MySpace and a handful of tech bloggers I’ve never imagined I could interact with so easily.

How does Google+ fit into your life or career?

It’s re-invigorating my desire to write, my desire to interact, and my desire to be online and present in a way I haven’t experienced since adolescence, when AOL still charged per minute for dial-up access.

A particularly interesting story or thoughts you may want to add regarding Google+

The recurring theme for me since joining the G+ community is that I’m falling in love with the Internet again! The idea of interacting with people who are from all over the world is the idea that first sucked me into using the web during adolescence, and now as an adult, I’m absolutely giddy with the rich back-and-forth that’s being created within the userbase.

I always wanted to be a writer when I was a little girl, and Google+ is making me feel that I might actually have something to say to the world. It’s amazing how the right medium can provide inspiration.

I’d like to follow and explore the way the community at Google+ evolves past its current “this is a shiny toy/this is a Facebook threat” mentality. I am definitely curious to see how gender plays a role as the user base shapes itself, and I’m especially interested in documenting my own evolution from Twitter lurker to Google+ poster — for myself, of course.

Where can I find more information about this fabulous woman?

I wanted to be a professor of Greco-Roman history when I was just graduating high school. Academia was something that called to me, that made sense. I had a path. Then, in 2005, I met a handful of people who changed my life forever by getting me involved in start-up Internet companies. We ran a forum that boasted over 100,000 members, used that revenue to start a company that was supposed to revolutionize online communities, and then fell flat on our faces a couple of years later. The experience changed me fundamentally.

I love technology and I love people. Social networks fascinate me because people fascinate me. I cannot wait to see how Google+ integrates the services people use, but I REALLY can’t wait to see how users shape Google+.


  1. Reallensky /

    its a Trapolino

  2. Reallensky /

    its a Trapolino

  3. Jason T /

    I talk to her quite a bit on Google+ and Twitter, she’s cool.


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