Women of Google+ : Cora Triton

As we come across amazing women in Google+, we wanted to highlight some of them and give you the opportunity to find out how fabulous they are for yourself.


Women of Google+ : Cora TritonFeatured G+’er : Cora Triton

How did you originally get invited to Google+?

Google+ was discussed in another forum (in fact a forum only for females). A member was already in Google+ and shared a post with me. The link didn’t work, but I tried to surf to plus.google.com (logged in with my google account) an here I am :-).

What benefits are you seeing in being in Google+?

I’m a Google-Fan since 1998 and I like the structured design and the many helpful features. Now I use Web, Mail, Blogger, Documents, Books, News, Picasa, YouTube and of course Android on my Smartphone…

I hope to connect the different features in Google+, to communicate with other users all over the world and to get news and interesting informations.

How does Google+ fit into your life or career?

I’m very interested in social media and the quick changes in our personal lives an even in politics. In particular I’m fascinated by the “swarm intelligence” and the extrem quick output it can produce. I think, that Google+ ist a great chance to use this possibility.

Personally I started blogging a few years ago an would like to exchange opinions and informations with other people.

A particularly interesting story or thoughts you may want to add regarding Google+

I just begin to realize what “globalisation” means. There are so many different people in the world and it’s worth meeting them. Knowing how others think and live is the first step to tolerance and understanding.

Where can I find more information about this fabulous woman?

I live in Germany, try to help students getting a BA and tax-payers to avoid taxes. Besides that sailing ist my great passion and I’m blogging my different experiences at home, at regattas, in our holidays and refitting our yacht. The next plan is to sail round Britain.

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