Women of Google+ : Selene Morrow

As we come across amazing women in Google+, we wanted to highlight some of them and give you the opportunity to find out how fabulous they are for yourself.

Women of Google+ : Selene MorrowFeatured G+’er : Selene Morrow

How did you originally get invited to Google+?

I have many friends in the social media industry, so I received an invite very quickly.

What benefits are you seeing from being in Google+?

In a lot of ways, the Google+ platform makes it easier to behave and interact in a truly social manner. Some of the mechanisms and design philosophies of Facebook are actually quite limiting to social interaction, and Google+ seems to be addressing those issues in a more efficient way, based on what I can deduce from these first experiences. The manner in which information is disseminated across the Google+ network also makes it easier to get your message out there – even though some issues (e.g. related to being “fed” many redundant posts) are still in need of improvements.

How does Google+ fit into your life or career?

I’m the executive director of a major translation agency (Language Swappers) as well as the CEO of a game production company (Holodreams). I estimate that Google+ will be very useful in both of these roles. While I obviously still need some more time to know exactly how it will all come together, I’m confident that the innovative circle system of Google+ will be extremely helpful when it comes to organizing all my contacts. Several thousands of people on Google+ have already put me in their circles, and I’m following a few thousand myself, so having an efficient (as well as confidential) way to sort all these individuals is extremely useful.

A particularly interesting story or thoughts you may want to add regarding Google+

Obviously, my experiences so far are limited to this initial trial period, so that may reflect my perception. However, I have to say that in the short time I’ve used Google+ I’ve already come into contact with a huge number of useful connections, particularly in the social media industry. It’s not very surprising that this would be the most common profession on Google+ at the moment, but nonetheless, these few weeks have proven very valuable to me in terms of networking. As to why more women don’t use Google+, I’m sure there are a number of factors at play here that one can point to as the cause, but in either event, I hope that balance changes soon!

Where can I find more information about this fabulous woman?

I’m an entrepreneur and producer in the Texas area. I work as the executive director of Language Swappers translation agency, while simultaneously acting as the CEO and main game designer for Holodreams game company.

I’m originally a lawyer, as well as a PhD researcher in Law and Linguistics. In addition, I have a background as a classical concert pianist, and also dabble quite a bit in programming. A pretty diverse background, but one that has been very helpful to me when it comes to interdisciplinary initiatives and honing an ability to find synergistic benefits across various fields and projects.

Today, I could probably best describe myself as an entrepreneur and a producer. I work as the executive director of a major translation company by the name of Language Swappers, while simultaneously acting as the CEO and main game designer for a game company called Holodreams.

In addition, I’ve recently embarked on a groundbreaking new venture involving a media production company by the name of Unireach Media. I co-founded this company with a good friend of mine, actor/musician/producer Ben Bledsoe. As we both have extensive and diverse experience in the field of media production, we’ve managed to put together a team of extremely qualified individuals who were all very eager to join us on this venture. We have a studio in Hollywood, where we work with some of the best actors in the industry, and our sound engineers have been awarded multiple gold records. This coupled with our expertise in the field of translation and localization means that we can offer perfectly packaged solutions to any media-related needs – such as voice-overs, dubs, music and video production, subtitling, copywriting, as well as logo, font and web design. Thus the name “Unireach Media”, which refers to our aim of unifying a multitude of media solutions, in order to act as a “one-stop shop” for the media production needs of businesses both large and small, both national and international. We’ve already received considerable attention from companies eager to join our growing list of clients, and we’re also working on a line of services targeted towards individuals. Considering the relative scarcity of female producers in the media world, particularly from a global perspective, I’m especially thrilled to be participating in this kind of enterprise. It’s all very exciting.


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