Women of Google+ : Shirley Williams

As we come across amazing women in Google+, we wanted to highlight some of them and give you the opportunity to find out how fabulous they are for yourself.

Women of Google+ : Shirley WilliamsFeatured G+’er : Shirley Williams

How did you originally get invited to Google+?

I was invited by two friends. We were connected on both Facebook and Linkedin. I had been itching to get onto Google Plus. I knocked on doors, whimpered a little and voila, invitations followed.

What benefits are you seeing from being in Google+?

  1. I really like the streams and circles. The ability to segment your connections enables you to prioritize your reviews and target information to your specific audience. This has all kinds of potential benefits.
  2. The ability to limit or publicize your messages. The public messages are searchable which I see has enormous potential benefits.
  3. The graphics and photography on the site are amazing. This adds to the social media experience on your site and consequently one’s profile.
  4. The promise of smooth integration with a number of applications is exciting and would further add to the experience and sharing capabilities of Google Plus.

How does Google+ fit into your life or career?

My professional background is in strategy, facilitation, business transformation and change management with many years in the LifeSciences. I have recently changed my focus and career to integrating business strategy and social media. As a result, I have dived into many social networks, bookmarks, news sites to gain a better understanding of the experience, capabilities and the appropriate alignment to clients business strategies and goals. Google plus provides another set of offerings to do just that.

Where can I find more information about this fabulous woman?

With a dynamic and assertive senior management career, I have developed a solid reputation in moving flawlessly from concept to execution. I am proud of my business chameleon qualities that have enabled me to implement strategies successfully across many industry sectors including Healthcare, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, IT, Sales and Marketing in both the public and private sectors. Now I am excited about building a second career in business strategy and social media under the umbrella of Social Media Pearls. You can find my professional profile on Linkedin and I have a presence on several other social sites – some are listed below:











  1. Antoinette King /

    Nice article…sounds like you’re going places

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  3. tanya krackovic /

    well said, it seems to be an increasing phenomena given the rise of global business, I like the idea of calling it out -we all benefit by checking our intent. Thanks for tabling an important topic


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