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Looking up to the big folksI was a part of a comment thread on Google+ that made me want need to write some thoughts on the idea of writing unique blog content or articles. The thread started with a woman I follow stating that she didn’t want to write about a particular topic because a notable writer/blogger had covered the topic ‘first’. My initial thought was “So what? I’d like to hear your point of view on the topic”.  My response?

Don’t get hung up on what some of the folks with large followings are doing or saying – this space would be boring and monotonous if we only had Chris to read/listen to (I’ve known Chris a long time, and have a hunch he’d agree). Unique points of view from interesting people are what makes blogging and platforms like FB & G+ worth spending time in.

Thankfully she did write the article, and it contained smart ideas of her own that I loved. The person we were referring to, Chris, is a pretty big content and idea generator.  He has a lot of followers, fans, connections etc. He’s smart. But you know what, so is the person that had similar ideas to write about.  Don’t let someone else’s brilliance dim your own.

I can see how someone could be intimidated. I am guilty myself of not wanting to write about certain topics because someone else had written about it first. Part of my reluctance is that I will be seen as a copy-cat or that I only take other people’s ideas and regurgitate them in my own articles.  By making sure I draw from my own experience, knowledge, and opinion I can write a unique piece of content that people will draw value from. It took a long time for me to be okay with stepping out with my own voice, especially since I have felt like I’m living in the distant shadow of a lot of the A-Listers.  I’ve come to terms with looking up at those folks instead of feeling like I’m running a different race.

My writing matters, so does yours. I want to know what you think. So WRITE!


  1. Great advice, I would also add that it’s not just your point of view that matters but being empathetic to what your audience may need to hear or know from the topic.

  2. Kimberly A Edwards /

    Lynette, great article and great advice. I agree that no matter what anyone else has to say, you have an opinion or experience that’s unique. Someone will relate to it. It will most likely help someone out. Being transparent helps people know they’re not the only in it all.

  3. I love this!!! There have been a lot of times when I have censored myself on my blog because something I wanted to write about had already been written.

    I think it is time to revisit some of those ideas and share my point of view.

  4. Susan Stearman /

    Great article. I need to get motivated to write and this issue has been a stumbling block for me. Thanks for pointing out that I don’t have to follow in Chris’ footsteps but only make my own

  5. Thanks everyone! After writing this, I got to thinking about the short fiction story that I’ve had in my head for some time now, but never get around to writing. I also have several proposals for business books but never seem to get the courage to submit them – as there are already books in print with similar topics by A-Listers. I should really take my own advice!

    • Cindy Harris /

      Hmmm, you’re making me think that now that I’ve written someone else’s book it’s time for me to get started on those dozen or so PhD theses that I’ve got stacked up to write…

  6. Kristin C. /

    Absolutely true and great advice for new writers as well!

  7. Samantha A. Gregory /

    I really appreciate you saying this. I’ve had the same fears and have hidden my brilliance because I was afraid of offending others or being seen as a copycat.

    The truth is people want different perspectives. I do it all the time when I’m researching so my voice is just as valuable as other people.

    In reality a woman’s perspective will likely be slightly, if not drastically, different than a man’s point of view on the same topic.

    We owe it to ourselves not to shrink back.

  8. Lynette Danylchuk /

    First of all, I just love the fact that this was started by someone named Lynette.
    This looks like a treasure trove of information, support and inspiration.
    Thank you for starting this.

  9. Lynette Danylchuk /

    First of all, I just love the fact that this was started by someone named Lynette.
    This looks like a treasure trove of information, support and inspiration.
    Thank you for starting this.

  10. It’s always worth writing from your own perspective, if nothing else, it simply raises the ‘credibility quotient’ for your topic/pov {assuming, of course, that said content is at least accurate and well written :-) }. More boats float on rising waters!

  11. Lynette, Love the article i always struggle to write good and relevant content. I look at twitter to see what is trending.

  12. Karen Friend Smith /

    Well said, Lynette. Thanks for putting that out there! :)


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