Meet the Writer: Lisa Cohen

One of the most vital opportunities Google+ has opened in my life is the chance to connect with so many interesting, engaging, talented and all around amazing women. One I’ve met through G+ and has touched me both with her talent at writing and genuinely friendly personality is Lisa (LJ) Cohen. Her debut young adult novel The Between is a breath of fresh air in a market full of sticky sweet teen romances – her characters are delightful, her world-building unique and best of all, her creativity leaves you clamoring for more.

While you can certainly read my review and learn exactly what I thought of her book, I think the best way to get a sense of Lisa and her novel is to experience a snippet of a recent reading Lisa gave at her local independent bookstore.

Author LJ Cohen

Author LJ Cohen

Don’t forget to circle Lisa on Google + or visit her website to learn more.

Becky Raymond is a nonprofit professional, avid knitter and novice gardener who enjoys writing, blogging and writing book reviews.  She lives in central Vermont and can be reached at or   

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