Social Media, What are the Benefits?

Social Media has been a life changer. When I first realized the effects of ‘Social networking’, it was a few years back when my Mother was very ill with Parkinson’s. I was one of her primary caregivers. I really didn’t have access to the outside world other than the computer. As my Mother became more and more bedridden, I stayed home for longer periods of time. The computer was my virtual window to the world.

I became involved with a small online group called Social Traffic. Social Traffic had a project Earthday Birthday, the campaign was to help save the Earth.

Within our family situation it gave me access to two different worlds. Being at home for my Mother as well as participating with a global event. My job for the Earthday Birthday campaign was to share content relating to bringing awareness, for helping to recycle and save our resources.

This is when it dawned on me how important ‘Social Media’, and ‘Social Connecting’ is. Within our family home I could make a positive difference, first be here for my Mother, second play a part in sharing awareness about our home Earth.

Why would I share this story with you?

The power of Social Media is limitless, it is a vehicle to create an effect in warp speed and to be omnipresent.

What are some of the reasons to utilize Social Media:

Connecting, Relating and Support:
It’s a medium in which you can build and develop relationships.

Awareness to Causes and Educating:
It’s where you can leverage an important issue, educate and create awareness.

Branding and Campaigns:
It’s where you can develop trust, create a persona/presence of your business and maintain long and lasting loyalty. And to develop and create authority in your niche.

Creating Opportunities:
It’s where you can connect with people of similar interests, that may develop into joint ventures and new business opportunities. As well as brainstorming and creating new ideas.

Whether you are just starting out in Social Media or are a seasoned Peep. Here are a couple of links that I believe can help you along in your adventure into the Social realm.

  • Mari Smith, she specializes in the importance of Relationships, Social Media and Facebook.
  • Chris Lang, he specializes in strategies within Social Media and Google Plus.

Social Media is a game changer.. for anyone with the desire for community, communication and connection…

Discover more inspiring posts from Margie D. Casados on Google+ :)

Margie is the personal editor to Chris Lang, he’s the author of “Google+Marketing: An Hour A Day” coming summer 2012 from Sybex… and also serves as the Corporate Secretary for Gadget MVP.


  1. Geoffrey Lord /

    Thanks for you openness and sharing your personal thoughts with us. Also thanks for the Introductions to Mari Smith And Chris Lang.

  2. Anonymous /

    Thank you, Margie, for showing how social media is not a timesink like some think. There are true benefits to it, both personally and professionally, as you alluded to here… And it sounded almost therapeutic how it gave you an opportunity open up your world as you stayed home to care for your mother. You are a very strong person to be able to handle that. But that’s why Women of Google+ chose you as a writer, isn’t it? ;+) Besides the fact that you write very well. Can’t wait for the next one… :+)


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