Why is Sharing with Sincerity Important?

The best example of sharing with sincerity I could find is Trey Ratcliff.. his caption on his profile is .. “Life is short. I create pretty things.”

Trey is almost up to 1 Million followers, Why? I believe because he truly shares with sincerity.

I recently viewed a video Photographers@google:Trey Ratcliff . It featured Trey sharing’ his concepts about sharing’.

The most important message I got out of it was, about being vulnerable. And through being vulnerable, this is when you can have a more enriching experience in whatever it is that you are doing, in whatever it is you are sharing.

For instance, in social sites, finding people with common interests, being genuine and sharing how you feel about a post, concept or idea. Not just saying what you think everyone wants to hear, but to share about what you truly think or feel.

As adults, sometimes we forget to just be who we are, fear can hold us back from truly expressing ourselves.

Another important point Trey shared;
It’s okay to be uncomfortable artistically, it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s in the creation process of being creative, and letting yourself go, is where ‘art’ has the possibility to blossom.

How are these two concepts related sharing and being vulnerable?

The next time you share, try not to think about approval or disapproval of your post, but more about what you want to share.
Ask yourself, to step out of the bubble, give yourself permission to feel uncomfortable, and share what you are passionate about.

Margie is the personal editor to Chris Lang, he’s the author of “Google+Marketing: An Hour A Day” coming summer 2012 from Sybex… and also serves as the Corporate Secretary for Gadget MVP.


  1. Anonymous /

    How authentic is too authentic when sharing online? Another way to ask that is how human can we be when sharing?

    The human experience is all about being imperfect. But it seems we generally want to see the positive side of people online, not the imperfect side.

    For an artist like Trey that can be packaged into really good work. For people who aren’t artists we can come off as negative, jerks or haters. So how can one successfully be sincere without showing too much transparency?

    • Margie D Casados /

      Some excellent points Rick. In my own perspective, I see expressions in the eye of the beholder. And many aspects of work, life, etc, is creative.
      It does not have to be on the positive side, it can be on many sides. That’s what makes us unique. So if we believe passionately in something, we should give ourselves permission to say it.
      That is what makes life interesting and it certainly wouldn’t be boring. As far as transparency, we only expose the sides that is best for us. Being uncomfortable doesn’t mean to be careless, it just means to be carefree.
      Anyway, I hope that makes sense. :)

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