Women Grow Business

This is one of my favorite reads for women in business. The WGB site is community blog that covers topics such as:

- leadership
- marketing
- operations (especially in tough economic times)
- benefits of social cause partnership
- talent retention, online presence
- entrepreneurship
- social technology
- mentorship
- failure and success

The authors and community are also very active on Twitter and host Twitter chats on a regular basis.


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Women Grow Business
Women in Business Community Blog Hosted By Network Solutions

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  1. Thanks! I'm bookmarking this to get back to later. Looks like a great site.

  2. Cool! We'll show this this to our female clients.

  3. Yes – the site looks like a good connection for all members!

  4. Thank you for posting!  Also, we have been long-time customers of Network Solutions; and have come to really rely on them for top-notch service

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