About Women of Google+

Women of Google+ was created on a spark of an idea and has quickly turned into a much more than just a way to discover brilliant women using Google+. Women of Google+ has evolved into a destination to learn, share and explore what it takes to thrive on social networking platforms both personally and professionally.

Thousands upon thousands of women (and even some men!) have found value from Women of Google+ profiles, videos, tutorials, chats, articles and events. It is our goal to transform this site into a community where you can participate in no matter what your reason for being on Google+.

History of the Women of Google+ Site

I started to collect a Google+ circle of women-only (aptly named ‘Women of G+’) and the idea of connecting with early adopter women in a new social networking platform is growing larger in my mind by the minute. I find it stimulating and refreshing to have a list of highly intelligent women on G+ to read every morning over coffee. Thanks for letting me take a peek into your brilliant minds.

One thing I’d like to be clear on right from the beginning is that this is not a Women vs. Men thing. It’s a way – my way and your way – to give ourselves permission as women to toot our own horn and value each other’s contributions. I don’t intend this to be sexist or elitist, but something more like what evolves when smart women get together over drinks and dessert. Brilliant ideas and rock-solid friendships – that’s what. Glad to have you on the ride with me.

– Lynette –


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