Video Interview – Jesse Stay

I was fortunate to interview Jesse Stay, author of Google+ For Dummies* during BlogWorld & New Media Expo at the Podcast Pavilion. In this interview, Jesse talks a bit about what you can expect in his new book as well as his thoughts on the Google+ platform and community. I’ve since read the book and think that it is a great way for anyone using other social networks such as Facebook to make an easy transition into Google+. If you have friends, family or coworkers you would love to get involved in Google+, I recommend picking this book up for them.

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Video Interview – Chris Brogan

I was fortunate to interview Chris Brogan, author of Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything* during BlogWorld & New Media Expo at the Podcast Pavilion. In this interview, Chris talks a bit about what you can expect in his new book as well as his thoughts on the Google+ platform and community. Chris Brogan and Guy Kawasaki were keynote speakers at BlogWorld, and Chris also referenced some ideas they talked about during their presentation.  You can find a ‘live blog’ of the keynote on the Women of Google+ site as well.

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BlogWorld & New Media Expo : Google+ for Business talk

I am attending the BlogWorld & New Media Expo and sadly only got to attend one of the two Google+ specific talks on the schedule.  Chris has been a friend and active G+er for some time and I thought that the community here might be interested in seeing my ‘live G+ing’ (my version of live blogging) that I did during the talk.  Enjoy!

+Chris Brogan & +Guy Kawasaki #BWELA BlogWorld Expo


  • Guy & Chris finally broke free of the crowd & took the stage.
  • Chris is spouting Facebook stats…. yes it’s bigger
  • Guy is giving a love-fest gush on Google+ ;)
  • Guy : FB is for friends/family G+: is to share your passions you don’t know yet
  • Guy : finds hockey enthusiasts for himself there
  • Guy : talking about FB EdgeRank on how his community online may not always see his posts (FB determines what gets seen)
  • Chris : circles helps him talk to and see what he wants to see at that moment
  • Guy : doesn’t use circles, talks to everyone when he talks
  • Chris: can use G+ for business even now, don’t overlook the opportunity
  • Guy : talking about how Holy Kow & AllTop gets published via Twitter w/links
  • Guy : now that he found G+ he is using it manually (every post in Google+ for Guy is HIM 100%)
  • Guy : talks about how he likes the Google+ notification system much better than Twitter
  • Chris called me out for Women of Google+ (smirk)
  • Guy : thinking about putting effort into a personal G+ profile vs. waiting for a biz page
  • Chris : asking Guy what has worked for him as far as business dev goes
  • Guy : when you have a large following on G+ is like having a large weapon & using it as a marketing platform (you need to earn that priv. by adding value)
  • Guy : hasn’t really done Hangouts, at home working, doesn’t want his kids who are around exposed to it
  • Chris & Guy : talking about the cool hangouts they have seen : HangoutChef & Game Shows!
  • Guy : didn’t think Google even realized how creative the users would be with the platform
  • +Mari Smith in the house!!!
  • Chris & Guy took a floor question on how using G+ for biz will affect search (it does, Google doesn’t index the inside of FB or Twitter, chooses to index G+ info)
  • Guy : ponders why the tech writers don’t love G+ as much as he does since it’s so integrated with EVERYTHING
  • Guy is giving his 411 on who he is (they jumped into the talk & glossed over the intros!)
  • Guy : said he once thought he was the Japanese Justin Bieber (!!)
  • Chris : talking about his history
  • Floor question: Who is ON Google+? are they just tech & marketing (NO!) Guy answer: people there are looking for a long interest & finding passion
  • Chris : plugging +Jason Falls book :0 “No Bullshit Social Media”
  • Guy : Google+ is a land grab right now (in 2-3 years when it’s established, it will be harder to get established)
  • Chris : a lot of people thought Twitter was stupid when it came out & so did a lot of people when G+ came out in July
  • Chris : G+ allows you to know about the person before making (or attempted) a sale
  • Chris : talking about how Google+ may let 3rd parties handle the ‘agency’ stuff
  • Chris : floor question – lead to saying G+ would be good to sell houses, pics, location, lots of data etc.
  • Chris : floor question – use your personal identity to start building your biz presence (fill out your profile!!)
  • Chris & Guy : talking about BufferApp (he’s an advisor) Hibari Twitter app
  • Floor question: how will G+ be useful for crisis communication
  • Floor question: off topic. (someone heckle him please) asked Guy his thoughts on Steve Jobs passing (good topic, but off topic)
  • Floor question: how will G+ get big if people only want to PR themselves or sell something? (lynette comment: NOOOO more people are there for sharing ideas & passions and not shilling.)
  • Guy : thinks Google+ is more of a threat for Twitter than Facebook
  • Guy : Google+ is to Facebook what Windows is to Macintosh



Additional resources I found after the fact:

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