Facebook Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

Using Facebook for your business is a vital piece of your marketing plan. You have your personal account on Facebook, you have found every high school friend you ever knew (or never wanted to see again). After reading many an article on how it can help your business you are now thinking about creating a business fan page on Facebook.

Facebook has taken off so successfully because it has filled a void that was needed in our daily lives. It satisfies the need to connect to friends from the past and keep up with your friends and family in the now. Many a friendship has been reconnected, established and strengthened using these non-traditional forms of media. True story-I found my brother who I had never met via Myspace. But how do you use this form of communication to market your business?

As business owners we are passionate about our brand and what we do. Using traditional media, we know that when we have a sale or a special it is time to shout it from the rooftops. While using radio, television or print this way is effective, you will fail if you try to use the same methods with your social media campaign.

Some tips to remember when building your Facebook page:

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Webinar : What You Need To Know To Grow Your Business in Google+

Two free webinars are on the calendar for friends and fans of Women of Google+

With Google+ becoming a major social networking platform within weeks of its ‘field release’, there is no longer any question that the social web is here to stay. The Google+ platform is not even open to the general public yet. No one knows exactly which direction it is heading, but by getting in and getting comfortable now you will have an advantage for when the floodgates open!

The 5 Things You Need To Know About Growing Your Business In Google+ will showcase the five most important things you can do in order to provide tips and tricks that you can use to make the most of Google+ features such as ProfilesHangoutsCircles, and SparksThe 5 Things You Need To Know About Growing Your Business In Google+ will discuss content generationstrategy and tactics, and show ways you can interact with others and provide value without alienating your followers.

While the social network we will be featuring in this seminar is Google+, the experience and lessons contained in this seminar is derived from over six years of teaching and training people just like you and can be applied to most social media platforms.  The knowledge you gain from the The 5 Things You Need To Know About Growing Your Business In Google+ will work for you no matter what online channel you choose to participate in!



Link to webinar video on Google+

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Google+ For Brands and Businesses

Wondering when Google+ is going to give brands and businesses an opportunity and proper place in the platform? Christian Oestlien, Google Plus product manager was nice enough to drop a quick video and update us on Google’s plans.  Hold tight business folks.. hold tight!

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