Interview with Aliza Sherman : Professional Women of G+ Series

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Monday March 5, 2012 @ 9 pm (Eastern Time US)

Tune in on Monday March 5, 2012 at 9pm EST on +Lynette Young‘s Google+ stream to watch the interview LIVE!! We will be taking questions as well. This LIVE HOA will be recorded and archived on YouTube for later viewing.

Hangout Topic : Interview with Aliza Sherman

The Women of G+ Professional Women Series is designed for professional and entrepreneurial women to learn and support each other while thriving in business.

Aliza ShermanTonight’s +Women of Google+ Live Hangout on Air show is featuring Aliza Sherman. Aliza is a Web Pioneer, an international keynote speaker, author of nine books, and a digital strategist since 1992.

She speaks and writes about the Internet, digital media, social mobile marketing, online communities and the future of tech. She was recently invited to speak about social and mobile marketing in Germany and Russia.

Aliza is well known for her expertise on the topic of women’s technology and business issues. She founded the first woman-owned, full-service Internet company – Cybergrrl, Inc. – in 1995, and the first global Internet networking group for women – Webgrrls International. Newsweek named her one of the “Top 50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet that same year.” Fast Company named her one of the “Most Powerful Women in Technology” in 2009 for her blogging.

Her latest books are The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Crowdsourcing and Mom, Incorporated. Her session with her Mom, Incorporated co-author Danielle Smith is brought to you by the Wine Sisterhood.

She runs her consulting business from her home in Alaska where she lives with her husband, a wildlife biologist; their 5 year old daughter; and two dogs – an Alaska sled dog and a Chihuahua. She’s a big fan of Karaoke, Zumba, and Pinterest.

Find out more about Aliza at:

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To view this Hangout, at 9 pm EST (or your local time equivalent) go to Lynette’s Google+ stream and look for the video player. Just click PLAY to watch the hangout LIVE! Depending on the topic, we will be inviting in viewers to participate in the hangout as well.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it in the Hangout or carve an hour out at this time. Because there is limited room for participants in a Google+ Hangout, we will be streaming live – called Hangout On Air. The show will also be recorded for future viewing and available on the Women of Google+ YouTube channel.

Need more info on what a Hangout on Air is? Visit Lynette’s post on the topic (link here).

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Women of Google+ : Annie Lynsen

As we come across amazing women in Google+, we wanted to highlight some of them and give you the opportunity to find out how fabulous they are for yourself.

Women of Google+ : Annie LynsenFeatured G+’er : Annie Lynsen

What benefits are you seeing from being in Google+?

I really dig the ease with which I can segment messages for different audiences. I’ve always been manic about selecting specific groups to share with in Facebook, but their Android app doesn’t let you do that, and the feature is kind of hidden. With Google+, it’s right up front.

I also enjoy a less-restrictive character limit. To me, Google+ combines the best things about Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook into one interface.

How does Google+ fit into your life or career?

I work in social media, so knowing how Google+ works is important to my career development. It’s also handy for networking and sharing resources with people in similar positions.

A particularly interesting story or thoughts you may want to add regarding Google+

I love the “bragging rights” section of the “About” page. Here’s mine:

“I’m a member of Pirates for Sail, the house band of Piratz Tavern. I’ve toured the set of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and met all the major cast members. Jeri Ryan once posted a pic of me dressed as Seven of Nine on Twitter (and said I looked great). And I’m (very briefly) on the Britney Spears “Behind the Music” VH1 special.”

Where can I find more information about this fabulous woman?

I’m the Awesome Marketing Manager at Small Act ( – and yes, that’s what my business card says).

You can find me on Twitter at @smallact, @thinklynsen & @goodeasyeats.
I maintain two Tumblogs: and

And I’m raising money for RAINN this summer by walking 1 million steps. More info here:

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Women of Google+ : Shirley Williams

As we come across amazing women in Google+, we wanted to highlight some of them and give you the opportunity to find out how fabulous they are for yourself.

Women of Google+ : Shirley WilliamsFeatured G+’er : Shirley Williams

How did you originally get invited to Google+?

I was invited by two friends. We were connected on both Facebook and Linkedin. I had been itching to get onto Google Plus. I knocked on doors, whimpered a little and voila, invitations followed.

What benefits are you seeing from being in Google+?

  1. I really like the streams and circles. The ability to segment your connections enables you to prioritize your reviews and target information to your specific audience. This has all kinds of potential benefits.
  2. The ability to limit or publicize your messages. The public messages are searchable which I see has enormous potential benefits.
  3. The graphics and photography on the site are amazing. This adds to the social media experience on your site and consequently one’s profile.
  4. The promise of smooth integration with a number of applications is exciting and would further add to the experience and sharing capabilities of Google Plus.

How does Google+ fit into your life or career?

My professional background is in strategy, facilitation, business transformation and change management with many years in the LifeSciences. I have recently changed my focus and career to integrating business strategy and social media. As a result, I have dived into many social networks, bookmarks, news sites to gain a better understanding of the experience, capabilities and the appropriate alignment to clients business strategies and goals. Google plus provides another set of offerings to do just that.

Where can I find more information about this fabulous woman?

With a dynamic and assertive senior management career, I have developed a solid reputation in moving flawlessly from concept to execution. I am proud of my business chameleon qualities that have enabled me to implement strategies successfully across many industry sectors including Healthcare, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, IT, Sales and Marketing in both the public and private sectors. Now I am excited about building a second career in business strategy and social media under the umbrella of Social Media Pearls. You can find my professional profile on Linkedin and I have a presence on several other social sites – some are listed below:

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