Interview with Aliza Sherman : Professional Women of G+ Series

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Date & Time:

Monday March 5, 2012 @ 9 pm (Eastern Time US)

Tune in on Monday March 5, 2012 at 9pm EST on +Lynette Young‘s Google+ stream to watch the interview LIVE!! We will be taking questions as well. This LIVE HOA will be recorded and archived on YouTube for later viewing.

Hangout Topic : Interview with Aliza Sherman

The Women of G+ Professional Women Series is designed for professional and entrepreneurial women to learn and support each other while thriving in business.

Aliza ShermanTonight’s +Women of Google+ Live Hangout on Air show is featuring Aliza Sherman. Aliza is a Web Pioneer, an international keynote speaker, author of nine books, and a digital strategist since 1992.

She speaks and writes about the Internet, digital media, social mobile marketing, online communities and the future of tech. She was recently invited to speak about social and mobile marketing in Germany and Russia.

Aliza is well known for her expertise on the topic of women’s technology and business issues. She founded the first woman-owned, full-service Internet company – Cybergrrl, Inc. – in 1995, and the first global Internet networking group for women – Webgrrls International. Newsweek named her one of the “Top 50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet that same year.” Fast Company named her one of the “Most Powerful Women in Technology” in 2009 for her blogging.

Her latest books are The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Crowdsourcing and Mom, Incorporated. Her session with her Mom, Incorporated co-author Danielle Smith is brought to you by the Wine Sisterhood.

She runs her consulting business from her home in Alaska where she lives with her husband, a wildlife biologist; their 5 year old daughter; and two dogs – an Alaska sled dog and a Chihuahua. She’s a big fan of Karaoke, Zumba, and Pinterest.

Find out more about Aliza at:

Hangout Status : “Hangout On Air”

To view this Hangout, at 9 pm EST (or your local time equivalent) go to Lynette’s Google+ stream and look for the video player. Just click PLAY to watch the hangout LIVE! Depending on the topic, we will be inviting in viewers to participate in the hangout as well.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it in the Hangout or carve an hour out at this time. Because there is limited room for participants in a Google+ Hangout, we will be streaming live – called Hangout On Air. The show will also be recorded for future viewing and available on the Women of Google+ YouTube channel.

Need more info on what a Hangout on Air is? Visit Lynette’s post on the topic (link here).

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The True Cost of Social Media for Businesses

I recently came across a great post and set of stats from Chris Abraham on Google+. The article “True Costs of “Free” Social Media Marketing Costs Make Outsourcing a Viable Option: Social Ally Research Shows That Effective Use Of Social — Including Monitoring, Research and Content Creation — Can Cost Up To $300,000 Per Year” lists research and statistics that I find to be pretty accurate, depending on what size business you have. I have worked in the  social media / tech / online media field as a business owner & service provider since 2006 and have worked with $7m – $10m+ companies. Chris’ suggested price ranges are on target. From the article, expect to pay:

  • Around $10,000 : An in-house social media manual and online training course
  • $1,500 to $10,000 a day : Hiring a trainer for on-site workshops
  • $5,000 to $100,000 : Technology costs such as blogs, mini sites, video equipment, custom Facebook tabs and apps, online newsroom and mobile apps

Of course a company with under $1m in revenue or just a handful of employees need to “DIY Social Media”, but it’s stil not *free*. I have found that smaller companies actually need more help getting ‘out there’ in social channels but have much less resources to get it done. Larger companies usually have a better defined sales, marketing, and service funnel that can more easily be adapted to incorporate social media. Smaller companies (myself included) generally fall into the category of “doing everything, all the time, by all possible people”.

The issue for me? “Knowledge is knowledge” and because a company doesn’t have the resources to pay doesn’t mean the knowledge is worth less and can be deeply discounted. When I charge $7,500 to one company for a day of training & materials and then get asked by another to provide the same training & materials for $300 it’s tough. The small company shops elsewhere and ‘get what they paid for’ for their money and it’s usually not great. I want to help, really I do – and on very rare occasions I take on the work at a nominal fee. The small company makes out for a steal, I am left scrambling to make up revenue, and my other clients feel ripped off. There has to be a better way.

The reality of it is that small business owners are left to fend for themselves (the DIY part), but still need guidance and solid resources to educate themselves from. The worst part? The business owners can’t afford the _time_ either of themselves or a key employee to dedicate. The idea of “DIY” learning what they need to know – let alone spend an hour or so a day, every day, in practical use of social media communication – is nearly impossible.

The solution? First, business owners need to realize they need to find time to learn, strategize, and deploy a social media plan. Women business owners (in my experience – this is not always the case) have less free time due to family obligations. The average American watches an average of 34 hours of television a week - that’s the first thing to go! (For the record I do not watch ANY television, I work no less than 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, so there really isn’t any time.) Once you find that extra hour or more a day, business owners need to read, research and retool themselves. Books, conferences, offline/online training, membership sites, and “watch & learn” from other companies online. All this while trying to maintain and grow your core business.

As a small business owner, where do you go to educate yourself to promote your business within social media? What things are time-sucks for you and what is actually successful for you? Do you hire consultants or outsource help? Do you feel you are making progress or slipping behind?

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Why is Sharing with Sincerity Important?

The best example of sharing with sincerity I could find is Trey Ratcliff.. his caption on his profile is .. “Life is short. I create pretty things.”

Trey is almost up to 1 Million followers, Why? I believe because he truly shares with sincerity.

I recently viewed a video Photographers@google:Trey Ratcliff . It featured Trey sharing’ his concepts about sharing’.

The most important message I got out of it was, about being vulnerable. And through being vulnerable, this is when you can have a more enriching experience in whatever it is that you are doing, in whatever it is you are sharing.

For instance, in social sites, finding people with common interests, being genuine and sharing how you feel about a post, concept or idea. Not just saying what you think everyone wants to hear, but to share about what you truly think or feel.

As adults, sometimes we forget to just be who we are, fear can hold us back from truly expressing ourselves.

Another important point Trey shared;
It’s okay to be uncomfortable artistically, it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s in the creation process of being creative, and letting yourself go, is where ‘art’ has the possibility to blossom.

How are these two concepts related sharing and being vulnerable?

The next time you share, try not to think about approval or disapproval of your post, but more about what you want to share.
Ask yourself, to step out of the bubble, give yourself permission to feel uncomfortable, and share what you are passionate about.

Margie is the personal editor to Chris Lang, he’s the author of “Google+Marketing: An Hour A Day” coming summer 2012 from Sybex… and also serves as the Corporate Secretary for Gadget MVP.

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Social Media, What are the Benefits?

Social Media has been a life changer. When I first realized the effects of ‘Social networking’, it was a few years back when my Mother was very ill with Parkinson’s. I was one of her primary caregivers. I really didn’t have access to the outside world other than the computer. As my Mother became more and more bedridden, I stayed home for longer periods of time. The computer was my virtual window to the world.

I became involved with a small online group called Social Traffic. Social Traffic had a project Earthday Birthday, the campaign was to help save the Earth.

Within our family situation it gave me access to two different worlds. Being at home for my Mother as well as participating with a global event. My job for the Earthday Birthday campaign was to share content relating to bringing awareness, for helping to recycle and save our resources.

This is when it dawned on me how important ‘Social Media’, and ‘Social Connecting’ is. Within our family home I could make a positive difference, first be here for my Mother, second play a part in sharing awareness about our home Earth.

Why would I share this story with you?

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